Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OK, I am back from my art shows in Texas now, although I will hit the road again soon enough. Meanwhile the art shows were very good and as usual I enjoyed my travels in Texas. One of the things I did upon returning home was to look at a series of urban landscapes I had done a few months ago of the streets of Chicago. I liked the overall composition and feel, but wasn't happy with the amount of light in the paintings. So, without changing the composition, I put another layer of paint on top of everything and upped the contrast between light and shadow, empasizing the shapes of the figures. I did this with 7 paintings...here are a couple of them. Both are 11" x 14".
By the way, early next month I will be in Chicago for an art festival on 57th Street. Many years ago I lived on 55th and then 54th, so this will be familiar ground!