Monday, March 9, 2009

Both the barn and the tree in this scene are old timers. I liked the curve in the tree trunk and the low branch, and the gentle curve in the front of the barn roof. Scenes like this one can be found in many places, but here we are deep in the heart of Texas, somewhere between Austin and Houston. I'll be heading there again later this month for several art festivals...maybe I'll find some more ideas for paintings!

This painting is 14 x 18 inches. I haven't come up with the right name for it yet.

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  1. This is my favourite of the recent paintings on the blogsite - the barn roof is perfect in colour and shape, and I like the wide expanse of field in front of it - when these barns are a long way from the road and you can't reach them (at least not without either trespassing or wandering through snakes!), they seem even more distant, and I think this composition says that. Well Done! Good luck in Tx and see you in May in the other Grand Sud-Ouest!Ruthxx