Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here are 3 more paintings I've done since returning from France. I have many more ideas and reference photos so expect to see a few more French-landscape paintings in the coming weeks. I was in the south of France in late May so the summer greens were very apparent in the landscape. This presents interesting challenges for painters (like me) who like their paintings not to be "too green". Fortunately green can be pushed in several directions...yellow, orange, purple, blue. I did all of these in the above paintings and was satisfied with the level of green-ness, feeling that the green was softened without losing the early-summer feeling of the place. Another challenge is the bluish-green of some crops especially if they are in the foreground (since blue generally wants to recede into the background). This was the case in the middle painting. I thought twice about using so much blue in the foreground, but ultimately liked the color.

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