Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is an 8 x 10 painting I did yesterday at Boreas Pass, Colorado (elevation 11,481 feet). The scene is of the last few trees at timberline...I liked the way they were illuminated on one side by the morning sun. Boreas Pass is named for the ancient Greek god of the North Wind, and yesterday the pass seemed well-named. There was a stiff breeze and the air was chilly, especially for July 28. I weighted my easel with large rocks and put on 2 sweatshirts. Still the painting was a challenge because the wind wanted to blow my brush off-course as it approached the canvas. I had to brace my painting arm against the easel or my other arm. But it was a great day and after painting I hiked up to Black Powder Pass (which is just above Boreas) and admired the wildflowers.

I hope to paint at some of the other high passes before winter.

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