Saturday, September 12, 2009

OK, time for something different...I've posted a number of street scenes from Mediterranean Europe (things I love to paint) so now I am posting one of my plein air Colorado landscapes (which I also love to paint). This one is in the town of Como, which is between Kenosha Pass and Fairplay, for those who are familiar with Colorado. Como is an old railroad town which served the Denver, South Park and Pacific RR. This railroad went over Boreas Pass and closed in 1937. The town is mostly old houses and buildings and not very big...a wonderful place to paint! The aspens are just turning yellow so we are at the beginning of the autumn color season.

This painting is an example of a composition I am strongly drawn to these days...a subject (in this case the buildings) shown in the context of its environment (the mountains). The house and its neighboring building are interesting in their own right, but in my opinion they are more interesting for their context. The same idea applies to posts I have recently done of city scenes where the subjects (people) are shown in the context of the type of town they are in.

The painting above is an oil painting and is 14 x 11 inches. I painted it this week.

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