Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is a scene in Cordoba, Spain just at dusk. The sky had a warm glow and the streets and buildings were cool and shadowy, but not yet fully dark. Cordoba is between Seville and Granada in the Andalusia region of Spain, and well worth seeing in my opinion. The painting is 24 x 18 inches.


  1. You have done an excellent job of capturing the twilight! I have a little bit of an issue with the two shapes that look like umbrellas but probably aren't.

  2. Thanks Lona...good point about the umbrella shapes. (actually one of them IS an umbrella) I think the main thing is that the shapes are too prominent for things that are so undefined. It is an interesting problem and I see 3 ways to deal with it. 1 - make the shapes more defined so it's clear what they are...but at best these shapes aren't a big part of the story so I don't want to emphasize them. 2 - paint them out altogether...but that may make the remaining shapes too plain. 3 - make them only slightly darker than the surrounding they are still there but fade into the dusk. That's probably what I'll do. Thanks again! --R. Naylor