Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oil Painting, 18x14 inches

This is an experimental painting which was part of a series of night scenes like this one.  As I was working on an earlier one in the series I got the urge to use more transparent paints (still oils).  So I set aside my favorite Cadmium reds and yellows (all very opaque) in favor of Perylene Red, Indian Yellow and a transparent orange (all transparent), in addition to my usual blues which are already transparent.  The main opaque pigment is white, a Titanium/Zinc blend.  I mainly wanted to use the transparent pigments in the darker shadows, but in the end I also used some opaque mixtures there, and used the reds and oranges in the interior-lit parts of the painting too.  They seem to impart a distinct glow.

I will probably work on the painting a little more, but it has been a lot of fun to experiment with some new colors, and new types of colors. 

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