Monday, February 29, 2016

Oil Painting, 24 x 30 inches

A street scene on a pleasant, early-autumn day.  I think of this painting as a "happy accident".  This is a term I most often hear used by watercolorists (since the medium is so hard to control many things happen by accident, some happy and some less so).  In this case I was recently at my local art supply store stocking up on canvases and other supplies, and accidently bought some linen when I intended only canvas.  I've used linen before, several years ago, and decided I liked the working surface of canvas better.  (canvas comes from the cotton plant while linen comes from the flax me linen seems to have a smoother, less toothy, faster surface but also seems to require more delicate handling in order to get a good paint layer)  Anyway, weeks after I got my supplies home, I unwrapped one of the canvases and noticed it was linen...I painted on it anyway and unlike a few years ago I loved its surface.  In fact I painted 2 paintings on the accidentally purchased linens, each one a real pleasure.   Next time I need supplies I intend to include linen in the mix, even though it is more expensive than cotton canvas.

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